An invitation to slow down

Nathan McLaughlin presents an immersive 45 minute video experience that invites the viewer to slow down and experience the human form at their own pace. Our world continues to speed up and information flows towards us at an alarming rate. Based on public domain video this show speaks to the benefits of slowing down and appreciating motion before it speeds past, while also mining the internet for publicly available video showcasing people from a diverse background in motion. The soundtrack is from the forthcoming album OPTICS//MOTION to be released on Aural Canyon in 2023.

Live performances on opening night (October 22nd) and closing (November 12th) at 5pm will feature synchronized video manipulation and new audio pieces from the OPTICS//MOTION method, these events will also invite participation where viewers can manipulate the video through a controller in the room creating a live collaboration.

Gallery hours are Friday 4-7, Saturday & Sunday 11-6 with the show looped across four screens for a new experience on each visit.

Nathan McLaughlin is a Hudson,NY based musician and Interim Executive Director of CREATE Council on the Arts. His work has appeared on various record labels including Full Spectrum, Senufo Editions and Astral Spirits.


Oct 22 2022


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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