Free Lecture Series On Games

Admission: Free

Kinderhook Memorial Library
18 Hudson Street
Kinderhook, NY

Wed, Feb 21 at 4:30pm: Breaking into the Video Game Industry
Julia Keren-Detar, a local game designer at SpryFox (Netflix Games), dives into diverse career paths within the expansive video game industry. Covering avenues such as art, storytelling, programming, and game design, she’ll explore options ranging from established roles in prominent companies to embarking on an independent developer/ creative journey. Structured as a Q+A session, Julia will also talk about some considerations with various paths and ways to explore and get started in this large industry.

Sat, Feb 24 at 3:00pm: Designing Table Top Games
Alex C. Van Allen, a trustee with CCHS, is the proud published author of several tabletop games (Dead By Lead, Rival Guns, Nightfall). Tap into his design process from a creative standpoint, as well as, learn what makes a “successful game” that people actually want to play. He will touch on market optimization for indie games in the age of social media, and discuss strategies to get started on your own design journey.

Thurs, Feb 29 at 4:30: How History Shaped Design: Early American Board Games
Early American board games offer some interesting insights on how culture can shape design. In this talk, Valatie-based game designer Julia Keren-Detar covers the rise of board games in America, their designers, and how the games reflected and were informed by the culture of their times. By looking at this relationship between culture and design, we can better understand why certain design decisions were made, and how this correlation impacted the board games we know today.


Feb 21 2024


4:30 pm
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