Herban Cura: ​​Connecting to the Mycelial Web

Join Herban Cura at Art Omi for a mushroom immersion workshop, led by Olga Tzogas of Smugtown Mushrooms.


Mushrooms and their underground network of cells called mycelium are often missing from our studies, culture and horticulture practices. During this full day immersion at Art Omi we will take a look at the role mushrooms play within our lives, the forest, and within food systems. We will learn basic concepts of mycology, explore their biology and ecology, and learn basic methods for growing mushrooms in your community garden or your kitchen.


This full day immersion will replenish our skills and senses to connect to our fungal relatives and their kin to truly get to know these intelligent beings that can feed, transform, and heal. Together we will explore the many ways we can integrate fungi into our systems. One of the easiest ways is by eating them and using simple teas to gain their nutritional value. Opening our senses, opening our hearts, minds and spirits to the world of mushrooms and fungi.


The aim is for participants to leave with a greater sensitivity to the mushroom world and feel excited and confident to continue diving deeper into relationships with our mushroom kin.


Sep 11 2022


10:30 am - 4:30 pm


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