Next To The Wild: The Seen And The Discovered

Mary Ann Strandell and Michael Rees

Opening Reception
Friday, June 7, 5-7pm

Athens Cultural Center
24 2nd St
Athens, NY 12015

Artists Mary Ann Strandell and Michael Rees are united by marriage and their shared vocation. They enjoy thematic connections that explore the notion of “the wild” by pushing beyond conventional norms. They approach this concept from distinct perspectives coupled with advanced technologies such as rapid prototyping, lenticular printing, and augmented reality to bring their artistic visions into discovery.

Michael Rees’s artistic odyssey takes a profoundly personal turn as he navigates the terrain of the body, drawing inspiration from his battle with cancer. He crafts immersive narratives through computer-generated imagery and advanced programming, employing détournement to challenge viewers’ perceptions. Augmented reality elements further blur the boundaries between the real and the imagined, heightening the disquieting quality of his sculptures. This exploration of the imagination suggests that despite adversity, there’s potential for growth and opportunity.

Mary Ann Strandell seamlessly blends traditional and digital mediums, using her art as a lens to examine societal themes. Her works in Next To The Wildplein air paintings and 3D lenticular print installation–pay homage to the pioneering women in the Hudson River School and Georgia O’Keefe, who first made an enduring connection to the landscape at Lake George. These works honor the past and spark a vibrant dialogue with the present, envisioning the wild as existing in a natural state, untamed and untethered.


Jun 07 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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