Peers, Tears and Pages: Book Making for Mental Health Recovery

This workshop is not designed to diagnose or treat mental illness. The combination of our work backgrounds and lived experience inform this workshop. Our belief is that the creative process is a healing process in itself. Our intent is to help people who are struggling to understand and manage their mental health. By having them express their ideas visually in a creative, interactive and open setting, students put together a record of their most personal and meaningful thoughts into a work of art.
• Four 2-hour classes where students create art based on the eight wellness dimensions: Physical, Emotional, Social, Occupational, Intellectual, Financial, Environmental, Spiritual

• Students learn book design and storytelling basics to assemble their artwork into an artist’s book
• Students bind their books using simple bookbinding techniques taught in class
• Art materials are provided but use of personal art media is welcome
• A reception is held (with pizza!) where students are able to share their work with others
The next workshop is March 7 to March 28 at The Mental Health Awareness and Creative Arts Gallery in Hudson, NY.
Locations and dates for workshops in your area are posted on the website below.

Instructor contact: Jesse at 914-409-7300 or Brian at 845-559-4436 Virtual attendance is also available with zoom for students unable to attend physically. See the website for the link.


Mar 07 - 28 2023


Workshop classes will take place on consecutive Tuesdays during the month of March 2023.
1:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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