Said & Done

Thursday, Dec. 14, 7pm

Tickets – $15 General Admission, $10 students & members
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Time & Space Ltd
434 Columbia St.
Hudson, NY

Linda Mussmann has written another innovative performance text filled with poetry and politics and memory. Some words stand alone as sound – some are loaded with association – some offer hints of intriguing digressions.

Life-long collaborators Bruce and Mussmann are showcasing, during this 50th Anniversary, their performance mastery at providing the time and space for versatile texts to live in the moment: their give-and-take style is integral to this performance. Stickles balances the multiple challenges of voice and movement while seamlessly interacting with the TSL co-founders, in a searingly memorable performance.

Claudia Bruce, Linda’s long-time muse and collaborator, brings her individual style to the production – an approach that blurs and merges the roles of director, writer, and performer – a process she and Linda have honed over the past 50 years. They stitch text, movement, and image together – with light and shadow – to create a visionary landscape.

Charlotte Stickles brings her extensive practice of dance to the performance. She has studied classical and modern styles of movement for the past 18 years and has developed many projects of her own. Her voice and movement add another dimension to the performance.

This production of SAID & DONE presents a literal embodiment of dance and theater history being shared and passed along from two established performance artists to an up-and-coming knockout performer ready to carry the legacy forward.

Elements of the production include a gridded floor and a custom-designed lighting rig featuring signature rheostat dimmers which Mussmann operates by hand. Originally workshopped and presented, to critical acclaim, at the inauguration of The Hudson Eye Festival 2023, SAID & DONE was created with the specific proportions of CPR – Center for Performance Research in mind. These performances catalyze a tour for TSL, onboarding partnerships, and broadening awareness of the TSL legacy, while making TSL’s history accessible to new generations, whose performance research has been impacted by their pioneering early work.


Dec 14 2023


7:00 pm
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