The Lost Race / The Parade

TheTwoOfUsProductions’ Virtual Live Staged Reading of two Dimension-X Radio Drama Thrillers!

Saturday, Feb. 17, 7pm

On-line performance – FREE to the public (donations gratefully accepted) RSVP – HERE

The Lost Race – A group of future space travelers discovers a previously unexplored
planet. A planetary survey shows that artifacts from the “Lost Race” are likely on the
planet. Upon further investigation, and a lot of ups & down elements, they discover
via the new artifacts they’ve found that the “Lost Race” is actually the precursors to
the human race. The back story is fear of atomic contamination and mutations in the
1950s/60s being used to tell a parallel story of the horror felt by an existing ancient
civilization that also discovers atomic power and are horrified that they are mutating
….. into ……. humans.

The Parade – A normal looking person claiming to be a Martian hires a publicity
agency to “sell a new product”. The usual 1950’s publicity approach is to tease the
public with a series of increasingly energetic and suggestive newspaper advertisements
culminating in a big “splashy” event to unveil the product. So after sending out the
series of newspaper and radio “teasers” the publicity agency schedules a huge parade
to unveil the new product, complete with midget Martians, full-size actors dressed as
Martians, and even horses with helmets and long antenna on their heads. Only when it
is too late does the publicity agent RYAN discover that he was truly hired by Martians
and that the parade is going to be used by the Martians to demonstrate that they are
capable of killing all of earth as a way to get the earth to surrender to Martian


Feb 17 2024


7:00 pm
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