Current Artist’s Profile-David Andersson

Big Girl Stretch by David Andersson

David Andersson wants you to make friends with his art. He paints color-blasted portraits and sews little creatures to keep him (and sometimes others) company. His favorite artworks forge personal connections with viewers, so he tries to create objects that spark that feeling of kinship. Whether an intimate portrait of someone he knows very well, or a sewn creature that calls for inspection or a cuddle, he strives to make his art come to life.

His first solo exhibition, titled “Big Girl Stretch,” will be up for Pride month at the Apuzzo Gallery, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center, 300 Wall Street, Kingston, NY, from June 2- July 6, 2018. Meet the artist at the Opening Reception June 2, from 1-4pm. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm. ( The show is organized around his colorful portraits of varying sizes that depict friends and family in intimate, expressive moments. His pieces often take the subject out of their original context, and exaggerate and warp their color profile, working ultimately to create a vibrant image that captures some element of truth about that person.

The other side of his practice lies in the fiber art / fine craft realm. His creatures are bold, textured, and emotive “soft sculptures” that hold their own individual personalities. Some are more static, while others invite interaction – nipples that snap together, hidden treasures in orifices, or simply long fuzzy arms perfect for hugging.

The subjects of these two forms of representation are inherently different: the paintings are based on real people, most of whom he knows very well, while the creatures come from pure imagination. But in both, the pieces take on lives of their own, becoming characters in their own right that evoke very personal connections with the viewer.

Until recently, David was the Director of Special Projects for the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, where he helped manage NYC’s grant program for arts and cultural nonprofits. He’s spending this year in Hudson focusing on his artmaking. More of his work can be found at

David will be leaving the area soon and GCCA wishes to thank him for his volunteer help over the past year. David helped mount exhibits at GCCA’s Catskill Gallery and filled GCCA’s promotional cases showcasing the GCCA exhibits at the Amtrak Station in Hudson-not an easy task! Thank you and good luck to you David…all of us at GCCA.

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