Current Writer’s Block-Carol Durant

Carol Durant is the 2018 Book Excellence Award winner for Whole Phat and Gluten Free Poetry and she is the host of the Outliers Poetry Brunch at Eden Cafe Loudonville (Albany) NY. She was one of the featured poets at the Spencertown Academy Arts Center 13th Annual Festival of Books and was a local artist participant in the Inaugural Albany Book Festival at University at Albany sponsored by the New York State Writers Institute. Carol is a proud member of the Greene County Council of the Arts. She is an UAlbany Alumna with a Masters degree in Africana Studies.

In January 2017,Carol decided to become a published author and Whole Phat and Gluten Free Poetry; her first book of poetry hit the shelves in September. Carol also decided to become an actress in 2017.  Carol performed in an encore presentation of Harriet Tubman visits The Therapist, directed by Jean-Remy Monnay at Schenectady Civic Theater. She has appeared as Phoebe in As You Like It at Sand Lake Center for the Arts directed by Barbara Leavell Smith, The Help in An Inspector Calls, directed by Patrick White and The Therapist in Harriet Tubman visits The Therapist directed by Jean-Remy Monnay of Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate NY f/k/a Soul Rebel Performance Troupe. Carol works at a local cemetery and is the Board Secretary for Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar.

From Whole Phat and Gluten Free Poetry


I dream about writing and then I stop.

I dream about writing then I pause.

I dream about writing then I sigh.

I dream about writing and then I awake and

don’t write. Is it because it takes passion and

solace or malice and tears;


Angst and frustration and assuaged fears


What does it take to filet you soul for others

to feast?


And find the destination that you have

selected, Full blown cues or discreet

molecular views.


But they journey with care and the unknown.


Trusting that you, my captain, will always

keep the North Star dear and


Never fear the tip of the iceberg or the teeth

of Cerberus.


Commence to click, pen, write.




It’s a joke that I just became woke, so that

I can see


The injustice that swirls around me


It’s a joke that I just became woke so that

I can feel


The tears that flow down my face because

reality is too real


I didn’t imagine another killing with blood

spilling on the road and more disdain and pain


Without justice for our gain


It’s a joke that I just became woke so that

I can see


You can grab my soul and beat your pole in

front of me and no one dared to tell or dispel


The look of all the joy that evaporated

from me


It’s a joke that I just became woke so that

I can see


I needed me, to anchor my thoughts, toss my

THOTs and get myself clean


To make me focus on the struggle that is

in me


It’s a joke that I just became woke, so that

I can see


I need to put the oxygen on me to save us

from the enslaved us


And soldier on, while the war waits for the

rage to catch on.


It’s a joke that I just became woke, so that

I can see


You can prove that-one, can show a direction

to take or pathway to create


While victory imminent or years away, is a

goal with work and dismay


It’s a joke that I just became woke, so that

I can see


I need shades to see through the light; that

sometimes blinds me

From seeing the truth that will keep me free




I thought of you today and remembered that u

had taken me off your social media


It was not because I was rude or eschewed

your rep or gave up some muse


I have no clue what made you askew


I have tried to figure out what I did. I said

something loud or wrong or smiled too long


I usually have better etiquette, but I took

a wrong turn, I suspect.


I spent days and nights with paranoid sheep,

consternation preventing the sleep


Gone are the days that I adored, that we

laughed and poured all the beer,


both cheap and craft, passed out and woke up

to order 40 wings and knots too.


Not a care to think that work was near and the

fun on hold until the next weekend appeared.


Time has passed and it still irks me, but

I hit a point that did alert  me:


What if the issue is not mine?

What I did does not exist.

A choice was made that without a sound;


was placed and delivered without failing

a test


or issuing a warning or beating down


So, I now sleep soundly and go forth renewed.

Later, old acquaintance, finally reviewed.






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