Current Writer’s Block-Jonathan Byron Woodin

Catskill resident Jonathan Byron Woodin is a singer-songwriter who graduated from Hampshire College. He performs in the region solo, with Hudson Dusters with Foggy Otis, with the Dustbowl Faeries and the Catskill Gamblers. In 2011 Jonathan recorded and releases his CD, The Dreamer. Jon and the Dusters have their CD out “Dare to Dream.” Johnathan writes about the inspiration to his songwriting.





Ain’t About to Lose You Again

By Jon B Woodin

(Key of G, Capo 5, D fingering)


You called me to say

What you were up to that day

And I was shocked, to hear where you’d been,

As I’ve told you before

When you showed me the door

That I ain’t about to lose you again.


If things were really that bad

Since we broke what we had,

Why was I the last one you’d clue in?

I get why you gave me up

And I took that first cup

But I just ain’t about to lose you again.


So if we must stay apart,

Please be kind to my heart

Cause it’s not just your own that you’d end,

I’ll only bid you goodbye

If you promise that I

Am Not about to lose you again.


Please understand,

You hold our lives in your hand

And I’ll be damned,

If I lose you,



© Jon B Woodin 2018



“This piece was a little more grounded in reality. I usually don’t write about things I have personally experienced, in this lifetime, at least not fully. I did however know somebody who at one point sought to end it all, and it hit me pretty deeply, as I’m sure it did all of our friends. I didn’t really set down to write about it until a good Three years later. I’m happy to say that we’re both still here to share it.”




By Jonathan A. Byron-Woodin

(Key of A, Capo 2, G fingering)


If you say you see it coming, I probably won’t.

If you ask if I believe in it, honestly I don’t.

If that ain’t enough to ease you conscience, if that ain’t enough to save my soul

Honey you should know, that I

Am gonna be alright.

I May Be faithless,

But with you laying next to me, I don’t need to see the light

Cause no matter what is true,

Darling I believe…


In you, I can take comfort. in you, I know the score.

In you and no one else, I see a life worth living for.

Whether that’ll lead me to heaven, to hell, either/or

It doesn’t matter any more, to me

I’ll take now over destiny

I may be faithless,

And unafraid of fiery rain or endless sea.

Maybe I don’t think quite like you do,

But I still believe in you


Maybe all that you’ve been preaching, maybe all of it is true.

Maybe there’s still time to save me. Well, if only heaven knew

That for me, there is no reason, to change my point of view

Cause if he really lives in me and you, I’ve been

Doing my best to let him in…

I may be faithless

But cherishing you over you’re god, Is that a sin?

Where do I begin to help you see?

That I don’t care what happens to me

I only hope that you can see it through…


To just let me


In you


© Jon B Woodin 2018




“Out of all the love songs I’ve written, this piece was actually based on a theoretical idea I had about a specific type of relationship dynamic; what happens if you fall in love with someone who has a different faith or spiritual philosophy than you do (or don’t.) I personally feel that there is more than one way to believe in something, or someone and that as long as you can respect each other’s perspective views, there’s no reason you couldn’t find happiness together, even if you ARE destined for… different destinations.”

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