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Giovanni di Mola is a photographer and DJ based in Hudson NY and New York City. His photography explores themes of transience and identity, capturing the intimate effects of subtle motion and natural light.

“The old master portraits as well as self-portraits inspire me in context and form. I like playing with the lines that separate gender, sexuality; the sort of roles that we play without knowing it. Each model brings their personal interpretation of their identity to a portrait session; I like peeling away at those layers, showing what I see, and hopefully sharing it with everyone else. The key to my work is capturing movement through long exposures, using only available light, composing through the lens and respecting the final image by not manipulating it.” –Giovanni di Mola

For more of Gio’s work, visit:

On view at the Hudson Amtrak Station
69 S Front St, Hudson, NY 12534


CREATE’s Collaboration with The Flow Chart Foundation

“Poems in the Amtrak Station – In collaboration with CREATE (Council for Resources to Enrich the Arts, Technology, and Education), we’ve been installing great poetry in the Hudson, NY Amtrak station. Each installation features a set of three placards, which remain on view for two or more months.” –The Flow Chart Foundation

Subway Ontology

Richard Sandler is an American street photographer and documentary filmmake, his photographs have been published in The Eyes of the City(2016) and are held in the collections of Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. His films include The Gods of Times Square (1999), Brave New York (2004), and Radioactive City (2011). He has received a Guggenheim Fellowship for filmmaking.

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