“After the Storm,” A rare solo exhibition featuring the work of Kristen DeFontes

This rare solo exhibition, After the Storm, featuring the work of local artist Kristen DeFontes opened to the public on January 25 and is on display through April 30, 2020 in the CREATE’s Catskill Gallery, 398 Main Street in Catskill, NY.

On August 28, 2011, Hurricane Irene swept into the rivers of Schoharie County, which flooded the region and left behind a trail of damage in its wake. Nine years later, Schoharie County-based artist Kristen DeFontes has curated a selection of objects that explore the immense effect of the extreme flooding that she witnessed personally and in her community. Using construction debris, stone, natural wood and cast bronze elements, DeFontes creates sculptures that consider the effects of not only the storm, but also personal familial conflicts and broader environmental issues. Many of these materials are salvaged from her own home, which was gravely affected by Hurricane Irene. DeFontes says of her work, “These sculptural pieces embody emotional responses and coping mechanisms. Composed using construction debris, the pieces hold power; not only in the symbolic sense, but in the way they provide a tangible link between past and present. When working on these pieces, I think about the loss and transfer of that power, and the primal need to protect it.”

Kristen DeFontes grew up on Long Island, NY and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Art + Design at Purchase College where she concentrated in printmaking and sculpture. While earning her undergraduate degree, Kristen worked in exhibitions at the Neuberger Museum of Art. She earned a Master of Arts from Brooklyn College where she studied drawing under Elizabeth Murray and continued her studies in printmaking, drawing and sculpture. In 2005, Kristen moved to the Capital Region of New York and began teaching art at Voorheesville CSD.  In 2007, she and husband Michael Wells started WellSculpt Foundry, a bronze sculpture casting company. The two are raising their eight-year-old daughter together. Kristen’s work is in several private collections; she currently lives and works in Schoharie County, NY.

Marline A. Martin, Curator of the exhibition and Director of CREATE, says about the exhibition, “I am happy to present DeFontes’ work at CREATE this season. The exhibition is a surprising collection of works that challenge viewers to consider a Hurricane that greatly affected the region and how to heal from it.”

Selected works are available for purchase by or calling 518-943-3400 or visiting the Catskill Gallery, 398 Main Street, Catskill NY. Shipping arrangements may be made and are set at an additional fee.

Storm Window, Kristen DeFontes, 2016 NFS
(21’’ x 35’’ x 5’’)
wood, glass, nails, screws, paint

Harvest, Kristen DeFontes, 2015, NFS
(50.5’’ x 65.5’’ x 7.5”)
wood, steel

Vestige, Kristen DeFontes, 2015, $4200.00
(42’’ x 46.5’’ x 7’’)
wood, rope, steel, stone

Palisade, Kristen DeFontes, 2015, $4500.00
(31’’ x 50.5’’ x 2.5)
wood, steel
Cache, Kristen DeFontes, 2016, $3500.00
(17’’ x 22.5’’ x 6.5)
wood, steel, nails

Storm Window no. 3, Kristen DeFontes, 2018
Wood, glass, steel

Nesting Behavior, Kristen DeFontes, 2017, $3800.00
(7’’x 21’’ x 3’’)
wood, steel, nails, bronze

Fountainhead, Kristen DeFontes, 2017, $8500.00
(78” x 18” x 26”)
wood, bronze, stone

Portrait, Grand Street, Kristen DeFontes, 2017, NFS
(53” x 5.5” x 5”)
wood, bronze, stone, nails

Breadbasket, Kristen DeFontes, 2016, $8500.00
(29’’ x 77’’ x 6’’)
wood, steel, concrete, bronze

Storm Window, no. 2, Kristen DeFontes, 2018, $4500.00
(39” x 43” x 5”)
wood, steel, glass

MotherBoard, Kristen DeFontes, 2018, $2400.00
Wood, aluminum, copper, oil paint, steel, ceramic

Study for a stone, Kristen DeFontes, 2018, $2200.00
Oil paint, wood

Under my control, I want my fears no. 3, Kristen DeFontes, 2018
Wood, aluminum, oil paint, copper, wax, ink

Under my control, I want my fears, Kristen DeFontes, 2018- $1200.00
Wood, aluminum, oil paint, ink, nails

Open Ground, Kristen DeFontes, 2017, $1800.00 – SOLD
Wood, steel, copper

Reflex, Kristen DeFontes, 2018-19, $3500.00
Wood, steel, canvas, oil paint

Wave Frequency no. 2, Kristen DeFontes, 2019
Wood, oil paint, stone

Shore Up no. 2, Kristen DeFontes, 2019-
Wood, oil paint, bronze, stone

Wave Frequency, Kristen DeFontes
Wood, oil paint, stone

Untitled, stone structure, Kristen DeFontes, 2019
wood, oil paint, bronze

Hitch, Kristen DeFontes, 2019
Wood, stone, oil paint, ceramic, copper, charcoal

Stay, Kristen DeFontes, 2019-
Wood, charcoal, oil paint, wax, steel, copper

Beyond the absence of luxe, Kristen DeFontes, 2019-
Wood, aluminum, oil paint

With Two, Kristen DeFontes, 2019
Wood, aluminum, copper, ceramic

Hush Up, Kristen DeFontes, 2019
Wood, aluminum, oil paint, copper, sand, wax

Night Beach, Kristen DeFontes, 2018-
Wood, wax, charcoal, oil paint

Shore Up, Kristen DeFontes, 2018
$1800.00- SOLD
Wood, stone, ink, oil paint
Aluminum, steel

Works may be purchased by calling CREATE at 518-943-3400 and /or email gcca@greenearts.org. For more information about After the Storm or the Catskill Gallery Program as well as all other programs and services, visit www.greenearts.org.

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