THE INDUSTRIALIST book signing was a huge success!

We had a great time on Saturday, May 14 at THE INDUSTRIALIST book signing event. Many thanks to creative team Burton C. Bell, Noel Guard and Vachel Shannon, E.J. Santiago, Steve Kirwan, Marie and the entire staff at Kirwan’s Game Store. And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support the artists!!

Fear Factory-11
Vachel Shannon (left) Noel Guard (center) Burton C. Bell (right) stand in front of the original artwork for THE INDUSTRIALIST graphic novel
Fear Factory-13
Noel Guard, Vachel Shannon, Burton C. Bell
Fear Factory-16
Burton C. Bell, Niva Dorell (visual arts director), Vachel Shannon, Noel Guard
Fear Factory-37
Michelle is thrilled to get her signed copy of THE INDUSTRIALIST!!
Fear Factory-40
Kirwan’s store manager E.J. Santiago gets his copy of THE INDUSTRIALIST signed.
Fear Factory-42
Thanks, guys!!

Fear Factory-18 Fear Factory-21 Fear Factory-24 Fear Factory-29 Fear Factory-35 Fear Factory-36 Fear Factory-38

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