CREATE off-site: Sirpa Cowell @ New York Restaurant – Extended to February 6 + New Work!

October 5 – February 6 : Sirpa Cowell is a designer and artist from Finland, a culture where Art and Design are viewed as not only complementary, but essential to each other. Bold and colorful natural images juxtaposed with unexpected patterns provoke the viewer to reexamine the conversation between the 2 elements in each work. The titles open the conversation and leave the interpretation for the viewer. All work is acrylics on paper 18 x 24 inches, except ‘Neighbors’ which is acrylics on board 24 x 32.

Sirpa is a successful product designer and illustrator with a particular passion for textile design. She has created illustrations and designs for companies in Europe, Asia and the US. She is mostly known for her colorful patterns for children and has created various products, including costumes and sets for theater. In addition to her design work she has studied printmaking and traditional painting and her work has been featured in small gallery venues, trade shows and magazines internationally.

She is a founding member of Modus, a professional Arts and Crafts association in Finland, and has served as a Provincial Art Council member for Design and Children’s Culture. Sirpa arrived in the US in 2005 and, after living in Kansas City and the White Mountains, lives now in Catskill, NY. She runs 2 businesses: Visualmgmt ( consulting in the design field and iivi women’s clothing shop ( When there is time left she paints in her studio at home. The show was going open in March, but corona delayed it and now also has new work painted during the lockdown.

To purchase work on display at New York Restaurant just click on the PayPal button below the image(s). 8% New York State sales tax will be applied. Shipping can be coordinated for an additional fee. Pick up and shipping arrangements made through CREATE by calling 518-943-3400. Please ask to speak with Marline A. Martin.

a Flock • $450

Centerpiece • $350

Growing Up • $350

Hiding • $350

Pathway • $350

Running Home • $450

  1. Neighbors, $800

2. Blue Collar Still Life $350

3. Midnight Optimist, $300

4. Gossip, $300 SOLD

5. City’s Edge, $350 SOLD

6. Rebirth, $350 SOLD

7. Pathway, $300 SOLD

8. Seen Unseen, $300 SOLD

9. Bio Machine, $350 SOLD

10. Inheritance, $350 SOLD

11. Rising, $300 SOLD

12. Esplanade, $350

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