MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Centre

MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Centre “The Centre hosts the annual East Durham Memorial Day Weekend Irish Festival which draws approximately 20,000 people from throughout the east coast. In addition, we also host the Catskills Irish Arts Week, the Traditional Irish Music Festival, Irish Film Series, the East Durham Feis, The Celtic Festival and other… Continue reading MJQ Irish Cultural and Sports Centre

Arone Dyer

Arone Dyer is a musician, composer & founding member of duos Buke and Gase, and Mistresses. Dyer used her grant “to further develop my craft, expand my songwriting and musical education to encompass composition for chamber orchestra.


being-sound being-sound aims to change how we listen. This project balanced on the threshold between music and sound, between recorded samples and live input, between acoustic instruments and digital sources. For this performance, being-sound used binaural microphones and wireless (“Silent Disco”) headphones. A warm organic White Peony (Bai Mudan) Tea was served alongside three 30-minute performances.… Continue reading being-sound

Bronck Museum

Bronck Museum The oldest home in upstate New York and the headquarters of Greene County Historical Society (GCHS). For 276 years, seven generations of Pieter Bronck’s descendants passed down the family dwellings and accompanying farm directly from father to child. The last family owner, Leonard Bronk Lampman, willed the Bronck farm to GCHS in 1939,… Continue reading Bronck Museum

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